Carpet remnants


Consider stylish carpet remnants for a perfect flooring solution

Are you searching for a cost-effective and visually appealing flooring option? Check out the benefits of carpet remnants. At Fox Floors, we offer high-quality carpet remnants that are perfect for any home or office space. Read on to see how carpet remnants can improve your space.

What are carpet remnants?

Carpet remnants are small, leftover pieces of carpet that remain after a larger roll has been cut to fit a specific room or area. These remnants come in various sizes, shapes, and patterns, providing a unique opportunity to create a custom look for your floors. Our inventory of carpet remnants includes a vast array of colors, textures, and designs to suit any personal style or décor preference.

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Affordability without compromising quality

One of the main reasons you should consider carpet remnants is their affordability. Since these remnants are the leftover pieces, they are often sold at a significantly lower price compared to full-sized carpet rolls. This makes them ideal for budget-conscious individuals who still desire high-quality flooring.

Endless design possibilities

Carpet remnants offer a vast array of design possibilities for your home or office. By mixing and matching different remnants, you can create stunning patterns, borders, or even custom rugs. The versatility of carpet remnants allows you to unleash your creativity and personalize your space in a way that traditional carpet rolls may not offer.

Durable and long-lasting

Despite being remnants, our carpet pieces are made from top-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. We understand the importance of investing in flooring that withstands everyday wear and tear. Our carpet remnants are built to endure heavy foot traffic, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms, and offices.
Carpet remnants in Neptune, NJ from Fox Floors

Eco-friendly option

Choosing carpet or rug remnants is also an environmentally friendly choice. Utilizing these leftover pieces reduces waste and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with carpet production. By opting for these materials, you contribute to a more sustainable future while still enjoying a beautiful and comfortable flooring solution.

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Carpet remnants offer an unbeatable combination of affordability, style, and durability. At Fox Floors, we offer a wide range of carpet and rug remnants that cater to diverse customer preferences. Discover the perfect carpet remnants to transform your space today.

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