Def Rugs

Def Rugs in Neptune, NJ from Fox Floors
Years before Marshall entered the family business to work the sales floor, he was a DJ moving crowds on the dance floor. Early 90's hip-hop music is his passion, and he showcased that sound in his DJ sets for many years. His love of the music and culture eventually led to producing, audio engineering, and running his own record label.

It was a chance meeting with Erick Sermon of EPMD that changed his life and inspired him to combine his passions for both music & flooring into one creative outlet -handmaking personalized art out of carpet. Marshall carved his niche in custom rug making by cutting up carpet scraps and remixing them to create one-of-a-kind pieces which they call Def Rugs. His handmade rugs are enjoyed in the homes and studios of countless legendary musicians, athletes, celebrities, and everyday lovers of carpet, art, and music worldwide.

He continues to push the boundaries of retail floor covering through his inspired craftsmanship of art and music, all while growing the family business in his own unique way. The flooring showroom has turned into a gallery of his work, which you will see displayed wall to wall at Fox Floors. Scroll down to see some of his clients, or stop in and see for yourself.